Time to Relax?

Try our delicious, soft, chewy, dense chocolate 1/2 Baked Brownzzz which includes dietary supplements offering a very potent infusion of all natural extracts that will ease your mind, relax your muscles, take away life's stresses and even satisfy those late night cravings!

Need Energy?

Feeling tired, stressed, or run-down? Bite into an Energy Brownzzz for a quick and tasty pick-me-up! Each brownzzz contains two full servings and an energy boost like a 16 oz. energy drink. Individually packaged w/ nutritional information and UPC barcode.

Sippin Syrup

Sippin Syrup, our sister company, offers a high quality beverage that comes in several flavors which help you relax and enjoy the many benefits that come from being calm, cool and collected. Sippin Syrup is designed to help you unwind after a stressful day.

About Us

The Katalyst Beverage Company was founded in 2006. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we do our best to make sure every customer is happy with our products. Our brownzzz are sold through several convenience stores and smoke shops.